The Deaf Hotline is a 24/7 hotline formed by a partnership between ADWAS (Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services) and NDVH (National Domestic Violence Hotline). We offer 24/7 support for the national deaf community. Deaf Hotline advocates receive extensive training in domestic & sexual violence. Our staff can offer culturally-adept advocacy in ASL or also through our email and live chat.

Our services include:

  • crisis intervention when you need support in handling a crisis
  • education on maintaining healthy relationships
  • advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or other types of abuse
  • referrals to programs that may be more suited to your needs or location
  • developing a safety plan with you for de-escalating and resolving a crisis
  • producing educational materials accessible in sign language
  • training a variety of audiences, both hearing and deaf, on accessible anti-violence advocacy

We are dedicated to building an accessible safer world. Our vision requires alignment with an anti-oppression philosophy. Our deaf-centric advocacy is survivor-centric and we recognize that the liberation of survivors is tied to the liberation of all people.

Accessibility, confidentiality and integrity are of great importance to our services. We believe in the power of deaf survivors' self-determination to make their informed choices. If you have questions about relationships, anti-violence, or need accessible resources, reach out to us.

24/7. Confidential. Accessible in ASL.

Every contact to The Hotline is unique. Some callers identify as survivors of abuse, some as abusive partners and some as concerned family members and friends seeking help for someone else.

You might feel anxious about contacting the hotline, especially if you have not reached out for help before. We are completely confidential and anonymous. Our advocates have extensive training in issues related to domestic violence. Reaching out for help is the first step toward improving your situation, whatever that may be. We are glad to be of service when someone takes this important step.