• Unveiling the Shadows: Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence 

    In the dance of love and relationships, it's crucial to be attuned to the subtle nuances that can reveal deeper issues. Recognizing the early warning signs of domestic violence is a crucial step in ensuring one's safety and well-being. This…

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    Recognizing the signs of domestic violence thumbnail
  • Making A Safety Plan

    You are not alone. You are never to blame for the abusive actions of others. While responsibility for ending abusive behavior is your partner's and theirs alone, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself on your path…

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    Safety Planning
  • Myth of Mutual Abuse

    Some people we talk to who are able to recognize that their relationship is unhealthy or even abusive, but they also believe that the abuse exists on both ends, or that both partners are at fault for the abuse.  Many…

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    Myth of Mutual Abuse
  • How to Support a Loved One

    Few people think they know an abuser, but statistically, we are likely to know some in our own circles: friends, family, colleagues, or others. This is why community intervention is important. Sometimes we can notice someone treating their spouse or…

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    How to Support a Loved One
  • Teen Dating Violence

    What is Teen Dating violence?  3 Key differences between Teen Dating Violence (TDV) and adult IPV  Types of abuse found in Teen IPV  Why does teen violence happen?  Teenage romantic relationships are more likely to turn violent when...  When it…

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    Teen Dating Violence
  • Human Trafficking Dialogue

    “There are an estimated 21-45 million people trapped in some form of slavery today. It’s sometimes called “Modern-day Slavery” and sometimes “Human trafficking.” at all times it is slavery at its core.   The day of National Slavery and Human Trafficking…

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    Human Trafficking Dialogue
  • Power and Control

    Power and control. Those two things form the foundation of relationship violence and oppression. Once we develop a richer understanding of power and control, we can begin to understand the logic behind abuse and oppression. We work at Abused Deaf…

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    Power and Control
  • Types of Abuse

    Many people think of physical violence when they think about abuse. Physical abuse is only one type of relationship abuse and is not the only one. It's rarely the first type an abuser will use too. Abuse sneaks up on…

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    Types of Abuse
  • A Deeper Look Into Gaslighting & Covid-19

    A Deeper Look Into Gaslighting  What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is when your emotions, words, and experiences are twisted and used against you, causing you to question your reality. This can be a very effective form of emotional abuse, because once…

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    Gaslighting & Covid-19